All men are children, and of one family. The same tale sends them all to bed, and wakes them in the morning.

Sewer Sludge in our BackYards?

Sewer Sludge. We read about this pollutant causing harm in distant countries, comic books, and maybe an occasional Simpson’s episode.

Some of us do not even know they still exist. Others say out of mind, out of sight.

The truth is “sixty percent of the 5.6 million tons of sewer sludge disposed of in the country is processed, relabeled “biosolids” and applied to land”. Where you might ask is this applied to and why? How could our beloved government allow this?

Because sewer sludge contains high amounts of zinc, an essential component for plant growth, a movement during the late 80’s and early 90’s believed this a was perfect solution for getting rid of this toxic waste.

Plant growth = good right, perhaps the perfect fertilizer? Wrong.

Sewer sludge contains high amounts of lead, cadmium, and chromium.Why? Because this this hazardous material is made from industrial waste and hospital waste. Tests have shown pharmaceuticals (drugs), flame retardants, polycyclic aromatic, hydrocarbons, and steroids also exist.

There is a reason Obama decided this stuff was not good enough for his family:


Reflection on Life

What is that desire that pulsates within us on a daily basis to remain conscious?

What keeps our eyes open? and our mind racing?

I want to travel to a place where the mind has stopped, but the soul continues. A place of transcendence and acuity.

Post about MTV

THANK YOU MTV! for showing the American youth something that is at least remotely intellectual and captivating.

I am talking about tonight’s episode of True Life: Resist the Power! Saudi Arabia.

I was introduced to three young adults aged between 18-26 that were fighting in their own unique ways the ultra-conservative Islamic social ideologies of the Saudi government.

The most invigorating tale was that of Fatima, a young girl that started her own retail company making custom-designed garments based on traditional Saudi Arabian dresses for women. Her drive and passion gave me hope and inspiration. Not only that but it enlightened me of the false perception of beauty Worldwide. 

I regret to have once believed the pretentious girls on MTV’s Jersey Shore, The Hills, or The City were decent or pretty. However now I know what is beauty in a woman, not perfect hair, nails, body, or voice, but Soul. A women who has a progressive desire and is not afraid to pursue it with her full being. That is the presence of uninterrupted beauty, always shining, never to be diminished by age. 

I wish the best of luck for Fatima and her company as well all the other youth people on this episode of True Life.

After suffering from embarrassment at having to even skim through MTV, True Life truly redeemed the failing symbol of expression once known as MTV. 


An enlightened entity is one who does not see themselves as their body but as that aspect that is unified with all life. That is an enlightened entity. One who is not is one who views itself as separate, special, different from all other lifeforms. They are the entities that are ignorant.
Ramtha (via oceanofmind)
A good sign :)

A good sign :)

Cooking is an art! No MSG NOW!

Its 12:06 and you do not know what the eat for lunch. Perhaps subway, or maybe even chipotle. But then reality strikes, you only have about $5-10 in your wallet and your thinking about saving a little for after school, or maybe you do not even have the $5 :[. So instead, yet again you go to those conveniently located Asian stores spread out across the San Gabriel Valley.

Finally, its your turn to order. Fried Tempra…? Spicy French Fries….? Fried Squid…?

Better yet how about a healthy serving of fried processed pork chop with some bleached rice on a PLASTIC container?

Do not forget the MSG now, Lollicup, Quickly, Tapoica Express, or AU 79 employee.

As they sprinkles on this neurotoxic enhancer nonchalantly, does he or she realize what exactly MSG is or does to the human body?

Here is the answer to what MSG is exactly.

Monosodium glutamate or MSG for short, is a food additive created in 1940s by the Japanese industry by hydrolyzing vegetable protein or by fermentation of glucose from starchy foods.

 What are some adverse effects? I almost cringed reading the list

Severe Alzheimer’s Disease, Stunted Growth, Endocrine Disorders, Retinal Degeneration, many many more.

To feed young children or pregnant women this adulterant or perversion of cooking for pure profits is a crime, yet the FDA says it is safe at “customary levels”. What a depressing world we live in.

Here is a full list of symptoms from consuming MSG:

If only our school was even a tenth as beautiful as DC on this day. :[

If only our school was even a tenth as beautiful as DC on this day. :[